Meghan Markle Reportedly Skipped Pippa Middleton’s Wedding For One Reason


Pippa Middleton’s wedding to James Matthews in May 2017, while not as globally hyped as the royal extravaganza of Catherine and William in 2011, still exuded an air of posh elegance. With its star-studded guest list, including members of the royal family like Harry, Duke of Sussex, the event was poised to be a memorable affair. Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour, one notable absence stood out: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Reports suggested that Meghan had been extended an invitation to Pippa’s wedding as Harry’s plus one, despite the “no ring, no bring” policy. Although the couple had been dating for only six months at the time and no engagement ring was in sight, Pippa made an exception. However, Meghan opted to skip the church ceremony altogether, citing an unconventional reason: a desire to avoid a potential media frenzy over a supposed “battle of the butts.”

According to accounts in “Finding Freedom” by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, Meghan’s decision stemmed from concerns that her presence might overshadow Pippa’s big day, especially after tabloid headlines framed their attendance as a rivalry. The media spotlight surrounding Meghan and Harry had already made them reluctant additions to the guest list, with Pippa and her mother harboring concerns about potential attention-stealing.


Pippa herself had experienced the glare of media attention following her sister’s royal wedding, particularly focusing on her attire and, notably, her posterior. Pippa’s dress and its fit had garnered excessive scrutiny, leading to widespread discussions, memes, and even dedicated social media groups. The attention reached such heights that it prompted comparisons to celebrity figures like Kim Kardashian and fueled speculation about the authenticity of Pippa’s figure.

Despite Meghan’s absence from the church ceremony, she made a grand entrance at the reception. After flying in from Toronto, where she was filming “Suits,” Meghan indulged in a luxurious facial treatment to ensure she looked radiant despite jet lag. Harry, ever the attentive partner, personally chauffeured Meghan from Kensington Palace to the Middleton family home, prioritizing her comfort and presence at the evening’s festivities.

Despite their high-profile status, Meghan and Harry aimed to keep a low profile, allowing Pippa to bask in the spotlight on her special day. Their discreet arrival and intention to minimize attention underscored their respect for Pippa and James’s celebration, demonstrating a gracious approach to their role as guests amidst the media scrutiny that often accompanied their every move.