Megan Fox’s Previous Ectopic Pregnancy Preceded ‘Tragic’ Miscarriage with Machine Gun Kelly


In a recent interview with WWD, Megan Fox revealed a deeply personal experience about her past pregnancy loss before the miscarriage she had with Machine Gun Kelly. The 37-year-old actress disclosed that she had an ectopic pregnancy when she was younger and hinted at other challenging incidents she has faced but chose not to specify them, considering potential public reactions.

Acknowledging the tragic nature of her recent miscarriage, Fox expressed that although she had encountered “similar issues” in the past, coping with her most recent loss was exceptionally difficult. She emphasized the emotional toll of this miscarriage, attributing the heightened pain to the strong emotional connection she shared with her partner. Describing the profound impact of love in the situation, she elaborated on the tragic aspect of the loss, indicating that the depth of her emotions intensified her grief and suffering.

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), whose real name is Colson Baker, initially hinted at the miscarriage during a performance of his song “Twin Flame” at the Billboard Music Awards. In a poignant moment, he dedicated the track to his “unborn child,” accompanied by a heartbeat sound in the background. The 33-year-old Grammy nominee sang poignant lyrics, expressing the emotional weight of the loss and the necessity to let go.


The couple officially confirmed the miscarriage after Fox shared details about it in her recently released poetry collection, titled “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.” In the collection, she penned a heart-wrenching passage describing an ultrasound by the bedside, indicating the duration of the pregnancy and expressing poignant thoughts about the loss and the agony of saying goodbye. Her emotional words conveyed the depth of her sorrow and the profound impact of the devastating experience.