Mediators struggling as tensions grew between Israel – Hamas truce extension


Mediators have been struggling to extend the truce between Israel and Hamas that was due to end at the daybreak Friday. The two sides seems to scrambling to agree over how to continue daily exchange of hostage for Palestinians imprisoned in Israel, which has sustained the week long pause in fighting.

Virtually all of those freed up till now have been women and children, but with few such hostages remaining in Gaza reaching a deal on an extension could prove more challenging.

Around 140 hostages still remain under captivity of Hamas, for which they will be seeking a greater return since they hold Israeli soldiers. During the attack on October 7, the Palestinian militants group had abducted at least 240 Israelis.


Qatar and Egypt have been acting as mediators between the two parties since the start and were successful in bringing an extension of two days. Meanwhile, Israel has pledged to crush Hamas and resume blistering if the Palestinian group does not offer satisfactory list of captives to be freed in return for extension.