Maya Hawke teases dad Ethan Hawke for flirting with Rihanna in 2015

Family banter reveals an amusing throwback to the NBA All-Star game


In a heartwarming display of family humor, Maya Hawke, known for her role in “Stranger Things,” recently playfully teased her father, Ethan Hawke, over an amusing incident that occurred eight years ago. The incident in question took place at the NBA All-Star game in 2015 when Ethan Hawke found himself in the presence of global superstar Rihanna, and he decided to take a chance and engage her in conversation.

Maya Hawke couldn’t resist poking fun at her father’s friendly encounter with Rihanna. In a video shared by Variety, Ethan Hawke recounted the encounter, humorously confessing, “I’ve been caught by the paparazzi openly flirting with Rihanna.” Maya, with her quick wit, responded with a playful correction, saying, “Openly trying to.”

The good-natured banter continued as Ethan acknowledged that his efforts could be perceived as flirting and humorously added that it had become a source of family shame. Maya, however, had a different perspective, asserting that it was a matter of family pride.


This light-hearted exchange resurfaced recently, bringing laughter and smiles to fans of the Hawke family. It’s evident that the incident had been tucked away in their family memories until Maya decided to shed some light on it.

The amusing interaction wasn’t the only time Ethan Hawke had Rihanna on his mind. When Rihanna delivered a stunning performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show, Ethan couldn’t resist sharing his admiration for her brilliance on Instagram. In his post, he even included some throwback pictures featuring himself, his son Levon, and the renowned singer.

Ethan Hawke playfully addressed the situation in his Instagram caption, humorously noting, “I’m hoping my son can find it in his heart to forgive a dad for taking his moment.” His post garnered the attention of Grammy-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who chimed in with her own humorous comment, saying, “Could you sit up straight, for god’s sake? You’re sitting next to Rihanna!”

As fans and followers of the Hawke family eagerly await whether Ethan will have the opportunity to reunite with Rihanna once again, this lighthearted family banter reminds us that even celebrities enjoy a good laugh at their own expense.