Matthew Perry’s True Use of His ‘Friends’ Fortune!


Matthew Perry and the ensemble cast of the iconic ’90s series “Friends” hit the jackpot with their roles, ultimately negotiating equal pay with NBC. This led to a significant increase in their earnings, each taking home a staggering $1 million per episode, a remarkable jump from the initial $22,500 they earned at the start of the series. At the time of Matthew Perry’s passing, his net worth was estimated at $120 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Although Perry engaged in various projects post-“Friends,” a substantial portion of his wealth was attributed to his time on the show. The cast members reportedly continue to earn $20 million annually from residual income, a testament to the enduring popularity of the series. Perry humorously acknowledged this during an interview, jesting that he bought the state of Iowa with his earnings.

While financially secure, Perry devoted a significant portion of his fortune to battling addiction, both for himself and others facing similar struggles. He openly discussed his experiences in his memoir “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing,” revealing his repeated stints in rehab, even while filming the series. He disclosed spending approximately $7 million on his journey towards recovery, emphasizing the profound toll addiction had taken on him. Perry’s commitment to making amends for his past actions led him to invest over half a million dollars to salvage his performance in the movie “Serving Sara,” where he recorded his lines in a sober state.


In subsequent interviews, Perry revised his estimate, suggesting he likely spent $9 million on treatments. Despite the substantial cost, he expressed a willingness to trade his wealth to be free from the clutches of addiction. However, he also acknowledged the invaluable impact that his time on “Friends” had on his life, not only for its creative fulfillment but also for the financial stability it provided.

Beyond his personal battles, Matthew Perry made significant investments in real estate. Just prior to his passing, he acquired a residence in Hollywood Hills for approximately $5 million, adding to his property portfolio in Los Angeles, which included a $6 million home in Pacific Palisades. Notably, he once owned a lavish $35 million penthouse that was eventually sold to Rihanna.

One of Perry’s most notable real estate ventures was the transformation of a Malibu property into a sober living facility named Perry House in 2013. Although he later sold it, he expressed an intent to relocate the facility to continue aiding individuals in their recovery journeys. Perry’s commitment to this cause stemmed from his own struggles, and he aimed to inspire hope in others through his memoir.

In a heartfelt message to those still grappling with addiction, Perry emphasized that there is a path to recovery and that he was willing to extend a helping hand to those in need. His legacy extends far beyond his acting career, leaving behind a profound impact on the lives of those he touched.