Matthew Perry’s Lightning-Fast Path to Landing ‘Friends’: An Unbelievable Journey


Matthew Perry’s journey to embodying the iconic character of Chandler Bing on “Friends” is filled with unique twists, including a story of divine intervention. Despite varied opinions among dedicated fans about their favorite characters on the show, Chandler undeniably stood out as a comedic highlight. Whether he ranked at the top or not, Matthew Perry’s portrayal of Chandler Bing made an indelible mark on the series and its audience.

Perry’s connection to Chandler felt immediate upon reading the show’s script. In his memoir, he reflected on how remarkably the character mirrored his own persona, resonating deeply with his humor and mannerisms, leading him to feel like he was genuinely Chandler Bing. Yet, the tale of how Perry landed the role is rooted in an unusual beginning.

Prior to auditioning for “Friends,” Perry revealed an intriguing part of his past. In his memoir, he recounted a moment when, weeks before his “Friends” audition, he found himself praying for fame after reading about Charlie Sheen’s struggles. Perry, in a moment of vulnerability, prayed earnestly, pleading to become famous. He believed that this prayer, his first-ever, was answered when he secured the role of Chandler Bing, kickstarting his successful acting career. His addiction struggles later in life led Perry to believe that God had answered his entire prayer journey.


Speaking about this prayerful experience while promoting his memoir, Perry emphasized the poignancy of this first prayer and its consequential outcome. He noted how the fame he desired was granted, alongside his sincere prayer for help with addiction struggles.

Despite the fame and success “Friends” brought him, Perry’s personal battles with addiction were profound. In an emotional interview, he expressed his struggle and the emotional weight of not sharing this ordeal with his co-stars. Perry deeply felt the disparity, acknowledging that his castmates didn’t experience this challenging journey. His battles with addiction led him to express that, given a choice, he would willingly trade fame for a life without the disease. Despite this, he also recognized the show’s positive impact, acknowledging that the creative experience on “Friends” possibly saved his life, underscoring the complexity of his relationship with both fame and personal struggles.