Matthew Perry’s Final Moments: Friend Describes His ‘Extremely Good Spirits’ Just a Day Before His Death

Athenna Crosby recalls her last encounter with ‘Friends’ star, urges respect for his legacy


As the world mourns the sudden loss of Matthew Perry, actress and entertainment reporter Athenna Crosby has shared a glimpse into her final encounter with the beloved “Friends” actor. Their meeting took place just one day before Perry’s tragic death.

Crosby, 25, found herself dining with Perry at the Hotel Bel-Air, capturing one of the last moments of the actor’s life. In her poignant recollection of that day, Crosby revealed that Perry was in “extremely good spirits” during their time together. She noted that he spoke “enthusiastically about the things that he had coming up in his life.”

Describing Perry as “happy and vibrant,” Crosby emphasized that their interaction was that of friends, not a romantic encounter. They had been introduced through mutual friends several months ago, forming a connection that transcended the boundaries of fame and stardom.


Matthew Perry’s passing, attributed to an apparent drowning, occurred in his Los Angeles home on a fateful Saturday. The 54-year-old actor was renowned for his portrayal of Chandler Bing on the iconic television series “Friends,” a role that endeared him to millions of fans worldwide.

Crosby joined the countless individuals who have paid tribute to Perry on social media since his passing, sharing a photo of the actor on her Instagram Story, accompanied by the words “Rest in peace, my friend.” She reflected on her personal connection with the actor, affirming their friendship and the profound sense of loss she feels.

In a touching revelation, Crosby showcased a black-and-white video on her Instagram Story, featuring her opening a copy of Perry’s 2022 memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.” She highlighted a handwritten note from Perry referring to her as “the Number 1 girl.”

Crosby implored her followers to explore Perry’s “amazing & inspiring book” and called for kindness and understanding, regardless of the challenges others may be facing. In her heartfelt message, she discouraged any premature speculation regarding the actor’s death, emphasizing Perry’s comeback and his deserving of more time on Earth.

“Our entertainment industry has truly lost a legend,” Crosby concluded, underscoring the profound impact of Matthew Perry’s work. “RIP 🕊️❤️”

In a subsequent Instagram Story video, Crosby explained her motivation for sharing her story. She clarified that her intent was solely to honor Perry’s legacy in a “positive and respectful way.” Crosby vehemently denied any pursuit of fame or capitalization on Perry’s passing, assuring viewers that she had not sought the photograph taken during their meeting.

She further emphasized the normality of Perry’s demeanor during their last encounter, emphasizing his positive outlook on the day before his passing. Through her testimony, Crosby sought to provide insight into the actor’s mental state, painting a heartfelt picture of the friend she had known.

As the world continues to grieve Matthew Perry’s untimely death, Athenna Crosby’s heartfelt recollection stands as a poignant tribute to the actor’s enduring legacy and the happiness he found in his final moments.