Matt LeBlanc’s net worth in 2023!


Matt LeBlanc’s career spans over three decades, but he shot to stardom in the mid-90s with his iconic portrayal of Joey Tribianni on the beloved sitcom Friends. The show’s immense popularity translated into significant earnings for its cast.

In the initial season, LeBlanc and the rest of the cast earned $500,000 collectively. Although there were disparities in pay during the early seasons, by the third season, the ensemble negotiated equal contracts, resulting in each cast member making a remarkable $1 million per episode. Additionally, the cast continues to receive substantial royalties, estimated to be between $19 million and $20 million annually.

Given these lucrative arrangements, it’s no surprise that as of 2023, Matt LeBlanc’s net worth stands at an impressive $85 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.


Following the conclusion of Friends, the core cast reunited for the documentary special Friends: The Reunion in 2021. Each member earned at least $2.5 million for their participation in the special.

LeBlanc also headlined his own spin-off show, “Joey,” which aired for two seasons. Although his salary for this solo endeavor isn’t specified, it undoubtedly followed the substantial earnings he garnered from Friends.

After a six-year hiatus from acting, LeBlanc returned in the critically acclaimed sitcom “Episodes” (2011-2017), even earning a Golden Globe for his dramatized portrayal of himself.

From 2016 to 2019, LeBlanc joined the hosting team of the popular British car show “Top Gear,” reportedly earning over 1.8 million U.S. dollars for his brief stint.

In his more recent venture, “Man with a Plan” (2016-2020), LeBlanc portrayed a father of three, reportedly earning $200,000 per episode, according to Variety.

LeBlanc’s journey from having just $11 in his bank account when he was cast as Joey Tribianni to his current financial success is a testament to his enduring talent and dedication to his craft.