Mason Greenwood and Manchester United reach agreement on departure


Promising football talent Mason Greenwood has officially confirmed his departure from Manchester United in a joint statement issued by him and the club. This decision marks the outcome of collaborative discussions between Greenwood, his family, and the club’s management. Following a period fraught with suspension and legal proceedings, both parties have mutually agreed that Greenwood’s career will venture in a new direction away from Old Trafford.

Greenwood’s journey with Manchester United faced a substantial setback in January 2022 when he was suspended due to an arrest. Subsequently, in October 2022, he faced grave charges, encompassing attempted rape, controlling and coercive behavior, and assault causing actual bodily harm. Throughout, the United forward vehemently denied the allegations.

In a surprising turn of events, all charges against Greenwood were dismissed in February. The rationale behind this decision included factors such as the withdrawal of pivotal witnesses and the emergence of new evidence that weakened the prospects of conviction, as confirmed by the Crown Prosecution Service.


Simultaneously with Greenwood’s statement, the club’s announcement underscored their mutual understanding that his continued presence at the club might present distractions. The young striker had been diligently preparing for a return to the sport and had also been linked with potential loan moves to Serie A.

The exact trajectory of Greenwood’s football career now remains uncertain, yet his statement conveyed a firm commitment to refining his skills in a novel environment. While the specifics of any potential transfer fee accompanying his departure are pending, the focus shifts to the fresh opportunities that await the talented player.

Greenwood’s personal statement not only upheld his steadfastness against public scrutiny and the challenges of social media but also candidly admitted the lapses within his personal relationships. He assumed responsibility for the circumstances that led to discussions on social platforms.

Beyond his professional aspirations, Greenwood’s statement spotlighted his dedication to fulfilling the role of a responsible father and partner. The joint decision to embark on a new football chapter resonates with his aspiration to make positive contributions on and off the field. Acknowledging Manchester United’s support throughout his formative years, the sense of unity with the club will persist as an essential facet of his journey.

With 129 appearances for Manchester United and an England cap to his name, Mason Greenwood’s departure signifies the evolution of a budding talent as he embarks on the next phase of his football odyssey.