Mary Lou Retton’s Daughter Provides Important Update on Her Mother’s Health Crisis!


Mary Lou Retton’s daughter, McKenna Kelley, recently provided an encouraging update on her mother’s health following a severe health scare. Early in October, Retton’s family revealed that the former Olympic gymnast was battling a serious form of pneumonia. In response to the urgent situation and the fact that Retton had no medical insurance, her family launched a crowdfunding campaign to help cover her medical expenses. On October 11, McKenna shared a statement informing the public that while Retton was hospitalized and in the ICU, she was receiving excellent medical care. McKenna also expressed her gratitude to all the supporters who rallied behind Retton, with donations nearing $460,000 to assist with her medical bills.

Sasha Farber, the professional dancer who partnered with Retton in Season 27 of “Dancing with the Stars,” also provided an update on Retton’s condition. Farber revealed that he had been in contact with Retton and noted her fighting spirit. He shared that Retton, despite feeling somewhat defeated, was encouraged by videos of her dancing, emphasizing her unique and irreplaceable presence. Farber mentioned that Retton had expressed a desire to share a meal together before her illness struck, indicating the importance of cherishing time with loved ones.

Now, the good news is that Mary Lou Retton has been discharged from the hospital and is recuperating in the comfort of her own home, as announced by McKenna Kelley on October 23. While there’s still a journey of recovery ahead, McKenna expressed gratitude for her mother’s supporters and credited the medical professionals for their care. She concluded her statement with heartfelt thanks to Jesus, the healthcare team, and the caring community.


While many have celebrated Retton’s recovery, there has also been a notable amount of criticism regarding her financial situation. Some individuals have questioned why Retton, given her status, did not have the means to cover her medical expenses independently. These sentiments reflect the broader conversation about healthcare accessibility and the complexities individuals may face in navigating such situations. As of now, Retton has not made a personal statement on the matter.