Marvel Zombies Nears Completion, Fulfilling the Fantasies of an MCU Star


It’s definitely exciting news that Iman Vellani’s character, Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, will be at the forefront of the Marvel Zombies series. Her enthusiasm for the role and her eagerness to explore Kamala’s journey through this darker storyline indicate an engaging and potentially thrilling narrative for fans.

Regarding Vellani’s passion for the MCU and her desire to see characters team up again, it’s not uncommon for actors to express excitement about interacting with other cast members or characters within the cinematic universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is renowned for its ensemble nature, and seeing different characters cross paths often sparks curiosity and interest among both actors and fans alike.

While her desire to meet other MCU cast members might be part of her enthusiasm, it’s also reflective of the collaborative and interconnected nature of the MCU itself. Fans also share the excitement of seeing characters interact and collaborate, creating new dynamics and storytelling opportunities.


Vellani’s dedication to her role and her genuine enthusiasm for the larger universe certainly contribute to the anticipation surrounding Marvel Zombies and the potential for the series to offer a unique and engaging perspective on the Marvel world.