Marvel Studios Considering Discontinuing a Specific Type of MCU Content on Disney Plus: Fans’ Desired Expansion May Be in Jeopardy


Amidst The Marvels struggling at the box office and a decline in viewership for Loki Season 2 throughout its six episodes, it’s becoming evident that perhaps the current abundance of MCU content might benefit from a reduction.

However, among the diverse offerings from Marvel Studios, one particular format that has consistently intrigued fans is the elusive Special Presentation format. These presentations, initiated in fall 2022 with the Halloween-themed Werewolf by Night, were designed as a bridge between the traditional TV shows and cinematic releases within the MCU—a modern take on the classic TV specials. Following the debut of Werewolf by Night, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special arrived in December 2022. Yet, since then, there’s been a notable absence, save for the re-release of Werewolf by Night In Color in October 2023.

Despite the assumption that these Special Presentations might be the most cost-effective MCU content to produce, it appears that Marvel Studios might be contemplating retiring the concept after just two productions due to lackluster viewership. Insider DanielRPK suggests that plans for future Special Presentations have been put on hold due to purportedly disappointing performance on Disney Plus. However, there’s speculation that one more might still be in development, potentially released under a different label.


Regarding the speculation surrounding Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, there’s a belief that it might be accompanied by a standalone Witches Road, slated to serve as the Marvel Halloween Special for 2024. Initially assumed to be the third Special Presentation, recent intel suggests that while it’s in progress, it will be presented in a different manner, possibly under the new Marvel Spotlight banner, which is anticipated to debut with Echo.

Nevertheless, the fate of this format remains uncertain, leaving the anticipated tradition of an annual MCU Special Presentation in jeopardy.