Marvel Addresses a Troubling Trend with ‘Deadpool 3’ and Its Potential Impact for 2025


It appears that Marvel’s upcoming release of Deadpool 3 in 2024 is set to temporarily address some narrative inconsistencies within the MCU. The film has been surrounded by considerable anticipation, marked by various speculations and changes in its release schedule. With the conclusion of the writers’ and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the production is now free to finalize the film, benefitting from Ryan Reynolds’ signature wit and humor.

However, there’s a prevailing rumor suggesting that Marvel is placing significant stakes on Deadpool 3 to single-handedly revitalize the studio’s prospects in 2024. This film’s success is seen as crucial in saving Marvel’s standing, evident from it being the only MCU release slated for the year.

The immense pressure on Deadpool 3 to carry the weight of Marvel’s future success parallels the franchise being akin to a comforting figure tasked with rectifying issues it didn’t initially cause. While the film’s personal introspection contrasts with Marvel’s recent struggles, the potential collaboration of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman as Deadpool and Wolverine, respectively, is anticipated to be a box office hit.


Allegedly, this reliance on Deadpool 3’s success has led to the rescheduling of previously confirmed releases like Captain America 4 and Fantastic Four. The sudden shift in Marvel’s 2024 strategy to limit major releases to seemingly less-prominent shows like Echo and Agatha raises concerns about the studio’s rush to churn out content without maintaining quality.

The subsequent backlog in 2025, slated to host multiple major Marvel films, raises doubts about sufficient promotional strategies and potential rushed conclusions due to minimal promotional time and inevitable last-minute reshoots.

Marvel faces criticism for its content saturation, potentially leading to waning fan interest and concerns about maintaining quality amidst a rapid release schedule. The stakes are high for Deadpool 3 within the PG-13 confines of Marvel, with expectations soaring to surpass the entirety of Phase 4 and the early stages of Phase 5. Failure to meet these expectations might have repercussions, casting a shadow over Marvel’s 2025 lineup and the studio’s long-term plans.