Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film has the potential to make Oscar history!


Martin Scorsese, renowned for his cinematic prowess, is poised to make waves in the upcoming awards season with his latest endeavor, “Killers of the Flower Moon.” A cinematic maestro of Hollywood’s finest, Scorsese’s creations invariably command attention and acclaim within the competitive arena of accolades.

In a potentially groundbreaking turn of events, Lily Gladstone, as reported by Variety, is poised to vie for the coveted title of Best Actress. Should she secure this nomination — a prospect that holds considerable weight — she would etch her name in history as the first Native American woman to receive such recognition. Astonishingly, in a span exceeding a century, no Native American woman has previously graced the roster of Best Actress nominees.

A perusal of our “Killers of the Flower Moon” review illuminates why Gladstone stands as a formidable contender. Set to emerge as one of the preeminent drama films of the year, Scorsese’s latest opus promises to delve into American history with his signature narrative finesse.


Sharing the limelight with Gladstone is Leonardo DiCaprio, together incarnating the roles of Ernest and Mollie Burkhart. Their characters become embroiled in a string of heinous murders within the Osage Tribe in 1920s Oklahoma. The ensuing investigation and ensuing controversy laid the foundation for the establishment of the FBI.

Another stalwart collaborator of Scorsese’s, Robert De Niro, graces the ensemble cast, further amplifying Gladstone’s prospects. Notably, the screenplay underwent a revision, placing their romantic connection at the forefront. Both Scorsese and DiCaprio recognized it as the emotional epicenter of the narrative.

Preliminary reviews have hailed this cinematic creation as one of the paramount thrillers of the year. Fortunately, the wait for the release of “Killers of the Flower Moon” is not protracted. Furthermore, audiences can anticipate its availability on Apple TV Plus shortly after its theatrical debut.