Mark Your Calendars: Kuso Miso Technique Manga’s Shin Yaranai ka Anime Set to Premiere on April 1, 2024!


The anime adaptation of Junichi Yamakawa’s “Kuso Miso Technique” manga, titled “Shin Yaranai ka,” is set to debut on April 1, 2024. The announcement confirmed that this date is indeed accurate. The story follows Masaki Michishita, a regular prep school student who has a chance encounter with the exceedingly handsome auto mechanic Takakazu Abe. The encounter begins with Abe asking, “Yaranai ka” (Shall we do it?), setting the story in motion. The anime will expand upon the original one-shot manga and incorporate elements from Yamakawa’s other works.

Pierre Itō from Studio Kingyoiro is directing the anime, with “Ikansoku” handling the script and Taiten Kawakami collaborating on the scenario. Studio Leo and Anime Tokyo, LLC are handling production. Bungaku Itō and Cyzo are credited with the original work collaboration.

“Yoshirō Sasaki” will voice Takakazu Abe in the anime, while Masaki Michishita will be voiced by Sorate, who has recently graduated from high school. The anime is being produced by Anime Tokyo as a medium-length original video anime suitable for all audiences. Animation production began in May.


The anime’s crowdfunding campaign exceeded its goal of 8,000,000 yen (about US$57,300) on May 17, ultimately earning a total of 8,680,500 yen (about US$62,200). Although the final amount didn’t meet the initial target due to some funds being removed, the staff confirmed that the anime is still in production.

The original one-shot manga was published in the second issue of BaraComi, a special manga spinoff from the gay men’s magazine Barazoku, in 1987. In the early 2000s, the manga’s catchphrase “Yaranai ka” became an internet meme.