Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Disciplined’ 13-Year-Old Daughter, Grace, Aspires to Become an Olympian


Mark Wahlberg recently discussed his daughter Grace’s fervor for horses and her ambitious aspirations in the equestrian realm in an interview with E! News. The 52-year-old actor proudly shared insights into Grace’s dedication and self-discipline, emphasizing her admirable commitment to pursuing Olympic dreams in the equestrian world.

Wahlberg lauded his daughter’s incredible discipline, admitting that he personally didn’t adopt such dedication until his 30s, driven by work obligations. Expressing his admiration for Grace’s innate self-motivation, he revealed her strong desire to become an Olympian and highlighted her surpassing his own level of discipline at a younger age.

Both Mark Wahlberg and his wife, Rhea Durham, frequently update their social media followers about Grace’s equestrian achievements. Recently, Durham shared their elation over Grace’s remarkable performance at a Nationals event, commending her and her horse, Bernadette, for their exceptional double-clear performance in the children’s mini Grand Prix.


The couple also parents sons Brendan, 15, and Michael, 17, along with daughter Ella, 20.

In earlier discussions during a Boston pop-up shop for his MUNICIPAL brand, Wahlberg proudly detailed Grace’s passion for horses, highlighting her burgeoning fitness routine and ambitions in the equestrian world. He noted her drive to ascend in meters and become a Grand Prix Jumper, emphasizing her dedication and how she has inspired her siblings to consider their own pursuits, as she seems to have a clear vision of her goals and the steps to achieve them. Grace’s determination and dedication have indeed impressed Wahlberg, making her a guiding influence on her siblings’ aspirations and motivating them to take action.