Mariah Carey’s Unforgettable Text Exchange with Shawn Mendes


The interaction between Mariah Carey and Shawn Mendes became a lighthearted and endearing moment on social media, showcasing their playful camaraderie and mutual admiration for each other’s music.

It all started with an innocent text flub when Carey accidentally messaged Shawn Mendes instead of her cousin, also named Shawn, with a playful “Happy Thanksgiving” message meant for her relative. Mendes, understanding the mix-up, responded with good humor, acknowledging the mistake and light-heartedly engaging in the exchange. This amusing incident was shared by Carey on Twitter, which quickly garnered attention from fans, sparking excitement about the possibility of a collaboration between the two music artists.

This playful banter wasn’t the only instance of their online interaction. Mendes previously expressed his appreciation for Mariah Carey’s music in an Instagram post where he listed things he was grateful for, including “old Mariah Carey songs.” Carey playfully reciprocated by recreating Mendes’ post, substituting some of the items in his list with her own playful variations, like “old Shawn Mendes songs.” Mendes enjoyed Carey’s response and shared it on Twitter, acknowledging their playful exchange.


Fans of both artists showed enthusiasm and hope for a potential collaboration, while Mendes teased the possibility of such a partnership in an interview, leaving many excited about the prospect of a musical collaboration between the two stars.

Their friendly and humorous interactions on social media showcased their supportive and fun dynamic, leaving fans delighted by their unexpected connection.