Mariah Carey’s Certified Classic: Unveiling Her Favorite Christmas Movie


Mariah Carey, often synonymous with the holiday season thanks to her iconic song “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” shared some insights about her festive traditions and favorite Christmas elements in a recent Buzzfeed interview. Known for her love of Christmas, Carey revealed her penchant for celebrating the season in Aspen, Colorado, ensuring a snowy and picturesque Christmas setting.

When asked about her Christmas tree decorations, Carey humorously referenced a “Charlie Brown” style, implying a whimsical and perhaps less conventional approach to decorating. As for her favorite holiday foods and drinks, she highlighted cookies, hot cocoa, and butterscotch schnapps, adding a dash of extra flair by mentioning enjoying them while riding a two-horse open sleigh.

However, the most pertinent question for film enthusiasts revolved around her favorite Christmas movie. Carey emphatically expressed her love for the movie “Elf,” starring Will Ferrell. She admired the film for its delightful and timeless charm, proclaiming it as the best classic of the last 15 years. Carey even mentioned her desire to embody a female version of Ferrell’s endearing character from the film if given the chance.


“Elf,” released in 2003, has cemented itself as a beloved Christmas movie for numerous families, resonating with Carey as a standout favorite. Interestingly, Carey isn’t the only one who appreciates the charm of “Elf,” as Will Ferrell himself recently returned to the Christmas movie genre with “Spirited,” a fresh take on “A Christmas Carol,” starring alongside Ryan Reynolds.

In her concluding statement, Carey humorously asserted her status as the “queen of festivities,” leaving no room for doubt about her unwavering love and enthusiasm for the holiday season. With her enduring association with Christmas and her embrace of all things festive, Mariah Carey remains a central figure in many people’s holiday celebrations.