Margot Robbie flaunts a quintessential Barbie-inspired look at the 2024 Golden Globes, complemented by $3 million worth of pink-and-white diamond jewelry.


Margot Robbie made a stunning appearance at the 2024 Golden Globes, donning a custom Giorgio Armani Privé hot pink sequined gown with a pink tulle boa. Her outfit paid homage to the 1977 SuperStar Barbie doll’s 50th anniversary, a detail quickly recognized by Barbie enthusiasts. “I actually do feel it tonight,” Robbie mentioned to Variety on the red carpet, embracing the resemblance to SuperStar Barbie.

The actress accessorized with a striking $3 million ensemble of Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry, featuring 30-ct. diamond studs and a 3-ct. D flawless old cut Golconda Diamond ring with natural vivid pink diamonds.

Credits – InStyle


Throughout her Barbie promotional tour, which commenced on June 25, Robbie, 33, and her stylist Andrew Mukamal have consistently delivered distinct Barbie-inspired looks. Their commitment to recreating Barbie’s essence included collaborations with major fashion houses, reinterpreting iconic Barbie styles to great acclaim.

The Barbie film garnered nine Golden Globe nominations, showcasing its impact across categories. The movie’s success extended beyond accolades, influencing fashion trends as “Barbie outfits” topped Google’s 2023 Year in Search recap for outfit inspiration. Moviegoers even embraced Barbie-inspired attire for months, highlighting the cultural resonance of the iconic doll and the film’s influence on fashion and style.