Madame Web explained!


Madame Web, a character from Spider-Man’s corner of Marvel Comics, is the focus of an upcoming Sony Marvel movie, and this choice represents a bold departure, even for the often daring Sony Marvel films.

For those unfamiliar with Madame Web, her real name is Cassandra Webb, and she is an older character within the Spider-Man comics realm, possessing psychic abilities that set her apart from many other heroes or villains.

Cassandra’s life changed dramatically when she was afflicted with myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disease that caused her blindness and resulted in her being connected to a life-support system that resembled a spider’s web. Despite lacking physical strength, she compensates with exceptional intelligence and clairvoyant powers. Notably, she’s depicted as an older woman, a departure from the usual younger heroes typically associated with Spider-Man.


First introduced in Marvel Comics in Amazing Spider-Man #210 in August 1980, Madame Web has had interactions with Spider-Man, even learning his secret identity at one point. She began as an ally to Spider-Man, assisting him in uncovering mysteries and later becoming an oracle for those connected to the Spider-Totem, providing guidance and forewarning of imminent dangers.

Her interactions also extend to various Spider-Women characters like Julia Carpenter, Jessica Drew, Mattie Franklin, and her granddaughter, Charlotte Witter, offering mentorship and guidance to them.

While she’s primarily a supporting character in the comics, Madame Web’s presence has been felt in storylines like “Spider-Man: The Gathering of Five” and “Spider-Woman #1-8 (1999).”

In the upcoming Madame Web movie, Dakota Johnson portrays Cassandra Webb, portraying a younger version of the character who is grappling with her emerging psychic abilities. The film delves into a plot involving Cassandra’s visions of three connected young Spider-Women being hunted by a seemingly malevolent Spider-Man, Ezekiel Sims. Together, they band together to unravel the mystery and protect each other.

Madame Web’s powers lie in her psychic capabilities, granting her abilities such as telepathy, astral projection, psychic surgery, clairvoyance, precognition, and the capability to foresee future events and dangers, making her a valuable ally despite not engaging in physical combat. Additionally, she was granted temporary immortality during the Gathering of Five ceremony, showcasing the extent of her mystical connections within the comics.