MacKenzie Scott’s Remarkable Donations of Her Wealth


MacKenzie Scott, following her divorce from Jeff Bezos, received a significant portion of his Amazon shares and has since been making tremendous efforts to share her wealth through philanthropy. In her Giving Pledge letter, she emphasized her commitment to giving back and has since followed through on that promise.

Since her divorce, Scott has given away billions of dollars to various charitable organizations. Her charitable streak is marked by staggering donations, with over $14 billion gifted to thousands of charities. The range of recipients includes diverse causes such as food banks, emergency relief funds, educational institutions like Lincoln University, and support services for vulnerable communities.

Yield Giving, Scott’s public database documenting her charitable donations, lists over 16,000 donations to various causes. Some of the notable contributions include substantial sums to organizations like Crushing Public Schools, Foundation for Amazon Sustainability, and the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier.


In March 2022, Scott made headlines for her remarkable $275 million donation to Planned Parenthood, the organization’s largest single donation to date. This significant contribution was recognized as a critical investment in public health infrastructure, particularly during a time of challenges for sexual and reproductive health and rights.

However, Scott’s philanthropy didn’t stop there. Her generosity reached new heights with her largest donation to date of $436 million to Habitat for Humanity International and its U.S affiliates. This substantial gift was aimed at supporting housing affordability initiatives and would significantly enhance Habitat for Humanity’s capacity to address critical housing needs in communities across the U.S. and globally.

The impact of Scott’s philanthropy has been profound, allowing various organizations to expand their programs, advocate for important causes, and make significant strides in addressing societal challenges. Her dedication to giving back and creating meaningful change through her wealth continues to leave a lasting and positive impact on numerous communities and causes worldwide.