Macaulay Culkin’s Transparent Sentiments Regarding the Home Alone Movies!


Macaulay Culkin, who portrayed Kevin McCallister in the iconic movie “Home Alone,” has a rather interesting relationship with the film and its enduring legacy:

During the early ’90s when the movie was released, Culkin was thrilled about being a part of the highly successful film. He expressed his enthusiasm on talk shows, even mentioning how he could relate to the mischievous nature of his character, Kevin.

Over the years, Culkin has remained recognizable due to his role in “Home Alone,” especially during the holiday season. Despite not actively watching the movie himself, he acknowledges the film’s enduring popularity and its association with Christmas.


Culkin has admitted that he rarely watches “Home Alone.” He participated in a DVD commentary after 15 years and mentioned that he hadn’t seen the movie in that long. His perspective on the film is unique, as he remembers behind-the-scenes moments while most viewers enjoy it as a classic Christmas movie.

In a few instances, Culkin has made exceptions and watched the film, albeit not in the same way as others. He watched it with his partner, Brenda Song, but mainly focused on muttering his lines rather than indulging in the movie.

Despite his reluctance to watch the film, Culkin has embraced his association with “Home Alone” in a humorous way. He took part in a Google commercial that humorously referenced his character’s situation in the movie as an adult using modern technology. Additionally, he joked about the movie’s plot hole in an interview, highlighting how Kevin could have simply called the police to resolve the situation, albeit acknowledging the absence of cell phones during that time.

Culkin’s relationship with “Home Alone” is a mix of nostalgia, recognition of its enduring popularity, occasional humor at its expense, and a unique perspective shaped by his experiences on set.