Luke Grimes’ Fear of Yellowstone Fans Rejecting His Music Journey


It’s interesting to note that Luke Grimes, known for his role as Kayce Dutton in the popular series “Yellowstone,” is also pursuing a career in music. As the show is reaching its conclusion with Yellowstone season 5 part 2, Grimes is looking to focus more on his music career, hoping for support from the show’s dedicated fan base.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Grimes admitted feeling some trepidation about stepping into the music world, concerned that fans might perceive it as an unexpected departure or even a midlife crisis given his established acting career. The pressure was compounded by the potential scrutiny and visibility that comes with fame. Nevertheless, music has been a passion for Grimes since his younger days, and this opportunity was a chance to pursue that dream alongside acting.

Fortunately, Grimes’ musical talent is being recognized, which eases some of the pressure he feels. And while there might have been initial concerns about how Yellowstone fans would react, the dedicated and supportive nature of the show’s fan base has reassured Grimes. Many fans, having enjoyed his performance as Kayce Dutton, are likely to extend their support to his music endeavors.


Juggling multiple talents allows Grimes to diversify his career and pursue different creative outlets. Even as Yellowstone heads towards its conclusion, Grimes is poised to wrap up the main storyline, with his character Kayce Dutton expected to play a significant role. As the series concludes, there are numerous unanswered questions, and the fate of Kayce might be pivotal, especially with the departure of Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton, setting the stage for Kayce’s potential ascension to a prominent role at the Dutton Ranch.