Luke And Laura’s Relationship Explained


“Below Deck Down Under” Season 2 brought a lot of drama and romantic entanglements to the forefront. Here are some of the key moments involving Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne:

Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne found themselves turning to each other when their initial romantic interests didn’t pan out. They shared a passionate kiss during a crew night out, and later, things escalated further with an intimate encounter in the shower. Despite this, Luke was clear that he wasn’t looking for a committed relationship.

Luke’s pursuit of Margot Sisson was met with disapproval from her, as she labeled him a “f*** boy” due to his flirty behavior with both Laura and Margot. His actions ultimately led to his dismissal by Captain Jason Chambers.


When Luke was fired, Laura expressed sadness over his departure. She even expressed regret for not keeping him happy, suggesting that if he had made another advance, she would have welcomed it.

After the episode aired, Laura issued an apology on Instagram, expressing remorse for making Adam Kodra uncomfortable and not empathizing with Margot. However, she later lashed out at critics and blamed editing for misrepresenting the events.

Laura continued to stand by Luke even after their firing. She defended their actions and maintained her loyalty to him, emphasizing that she believed in standing up for what she felt was right.

Overall, Luke and Laura’s dynamic was marked by intense moments, but it was clear that their connection was more physical than emotional. Their actions and interactions became a significant focus of the show, contributing to the overall drama and tension on “Below Deck Down Under” Season 2.