Luann de Lesseps Roasts Former ‘RHONY’ Co-Star Bethenny Frankel at Christmas Cabaret Show


During her sold-out holiday cabaret show, “A Very Countess Christmas,” Luann de Lesseps took a comedic jab at her former “Real Housewives of New York City” co-star, Bethenny Frankel, in New York City. In a video exclusively obtained by Page Six, de Lesseps addressed a fan’s question about Frankel, bringing a touch of humor to the situation.

With wit and flair, de Lesseps referenced Frankel’s recent comments targeting Bravo executive Andy Cohen and NBC Universal. She questioned Frankel’s actions, urging her to move on from the situation. The singer and reality TV personality criticized Frankel’s ongoing engagement with the show’s topics, suggesting she should enjoy her financial success without harping on past matters. De Lesseps even playfully referenced one of Frankel’s well-known phrases from the show, signaling her to leave them alone and go to bed.

According to reports, de Lesseps’ performance drew an enthusiastic response from the audience, with cheers and wild reactions filling the venue. Another source described the lively atmosphere, noting the need for three martinis to match the excitement of the evening.


The roast from de Lesseps follows Frankel’s legal dispute against Bravo and NBC, where she alleges mistreatment of reality TV stars, manipulation, and other concerns in her lawsuit. Frankel has been vocal about her intentions to advocate for better treatment of reality TV performers and the release of individuals from nondisclosure agreements.

Frankel’s stance on the competitive and often cutthroat nature of reality TV was shared on her Instagram, emphasizing the need to navigate the industry’s challenges and the consequences of not adapting to its demands.

In response to criticism, Frankel defended her perspective, indicating that the system itself warrants critique due to the cycle of ratings, commercial success, and the toll it takes on participants. She highlighted the mutual benefit where reality stars contribute content and catchphrases, while networks profit immensely from their involvement.

The light-hearted roast by Luann de Lesseps sheds a comical spotlight on the ongoing dynamics and comments within the reality TV sphere, particularly regarding Bethenny Frankel’s recent statements and legal actions against the networks.