Love Is In the Air Is Streaming Now on Netflix!


Get ready for a heartwarming cinematic experience as Netflix gears up to release the much-anticipated romantic comedy, ‘Love is in the Air,’ on Thursday, September 28th, 2023. Love is definitely in the air!

This enchanting film promises to take viewers on a captivating journey, where love blossoms and triumphs against all odds. The story centres around a young female pilot working for a non-profit organization (NPO) whose life takes a surprising turn when she finds herself falling for a man tasked with shutting down the NPO on behalf of the corporate world.


What Is Love Is In The Air About?


Dana Randall, portrayed by Delta Goodrem, is an unwavering and dedicated pilot for the non-profit airline service, Fullerton Airways. Alongside her father and trusty mechanic Nikki, they provide essential air services to local island communities in picturesque North Queensland. Life is simple and fulfilling.

However, everything changes when the charming London-based financial expert, William, played by Joshua Sasse, enters the scene with intentions to dismantle Fullerton Airways and Dana’s dreams. Dana must now navigate the delicate balance between duty and desire as William’s true motives come to light.

Their love story faces a formidable test, but as the saying goes, love conquers all.


Love Is In The Air Main Cast

  1. Delta Goodrem as Dana Randall: Delta portrays Dana as a tenacious, hardworking pilot caught between love and adversity, promising a standout performance. Her previous acting credits include roles in ‘House Husbands’ and ‘Hating Alison Ashley,’ among others.
  2. Joshua Sasse as William: Joshua brings depth to the character of William, the corporate figure from a London-based company. His portrayal adds layers to the love story as attraction and bonding unfold in unexpected ways. Joshua has previously worked in films like ‘One Perfect Match’ and ‘Her Pen Pal.’
  3. Mia Grunwald as Michelle: Mia takes on the mysterious character of Michelle, a role shrouded in secrecy but pivotal to the unfolding narrative. Her previous work includes ‘Romance at the Vineyard.’

Mark your calendars for September 28th and get ready to be swept off your feet by this heartwarming tale of an unexpected duo finding love amidst adversity. “Love is in the Air” promises to be a real sweet treat for viewers.