Loki’s Unexpected Transformation: Pre-MCU Lore Reveals He Became a Tree Long Before His On-Screen Change


The conclusion of Loki Season 2 left many fans devastated, and for avid comic book readers, the fate of the God of Mischief holds even deeper tragedy. For those who haven’t watched the Loki Season 2 finale yet, please note that spoilers lie ahead.

In a desperate attempt to mend the Temporal Loom, Loki takes extreme measures to safeguard the Sacred Timeline. He symbolically upholds the Marvel Cinematic Universe by physically grasping the various ‘branches,’ which, in a surprising revelation, are linked to Yggdrasil—the World Tree, central to both Norse mythology and the MCU’s reality.

By holding these branches together at the heart of Yggdrasil, the Marvel character assumes the mantle of the new God of Stories. However, this encounter with a tree isn’t Loki’s first in Marvel’s history.


Loki’s entanglement with trees dates back to 1962 when he made his debut in Journey Into Mystery #85. As is customary, Loki’s predicament stemmed from Odin’s actions, with the less-than-stellar “Father of the Year” choosing to trap his son inside a tree, aiming to prevent Loki from causing further chaos and facing Thor. Interestingly, in later comic arcs, Loki humorously mentions that being ensnared in a tree “happens more often than you think.”

While this line was published years before the Disney Plus show, it’s intriguing to see Loki’s journey come full circle, starting and seemingly concluding with a tree-related event.

The question now lingers: is this truly the end for Loki, or might his story continue in Thor 5? Could Thor embark on a mission to rescue him from the confines of the World Tree? Despite the seemingly bleak fate that looms for the God of Mischief, many speculate that this might not mark the end of Loki’s story.

Fans are hopeful that there might be more in store for Loki, considering his resilience and ability to evade conclusive endings. Whether Thor 5 or another Marvel installment will shed light on Loki’s ultimate fate remains an intriguing mystery.