Loki: Balder the Brave, Thor’s other brother explained


Balder the Brave, often overlooked in the MCU, is Thor’s half-brother and the Asgardian God of Light. He made his comic debut in Journey Into Mystery #85, alongside key Thor concepts like Asgard, Odin, Heimdall, and the Bifrost Bridge.

In the comics, Balder’s narrative draws heavily from Norse mythology, where his death is believed to trigger Ragnarok. To thwart this, Odin commands Balder’s mother, Frigga, to use her magic, making him invulnerable, except to mistletoe, which leads to a tragic event orchestrated by Loki.

Despite this, Balder resumes his role as a warrior with the support of his allies. He later finds himself in positions of leadership, even becoming King of Asgard.


Balder is known for his superhuman abilities, including speed, light projection, and proficiency in combat. His unique invulnerability within the Asgard dimension makes him nearly impervious to attacks.

However, his weakness lies in weapons made of mistletoe and his vulnerability when outside the Asgard dimension.

While it would be exciting to see Balder in the MCU, there are no concrete plans for his appearance. His recent statue in the Loki series likely serves as a nod to comic enthusiasts curious about his absence.

Despite past rumors of Daniel Craig portraying Balder in Thor 4, they turned out to be unfounded. For now, Balder’s fans may have to wait for future Marvel announcements for a chance to see him on-screen.