Lizzo’s weight loss in ‘South Park’ explained


Lizzo, known for her advocacy of body positivity, faced a tumultuous year in the public eye. While she initially gained acclaim as a role model for embracing one’s body shape, she encountered backlash when allegations surfaced of mistreatment toward her backup dancers behind closed doors. These accusations tarnished her image and resulted in legal battles, casting a shadow over her career.

Adding to her challenges, the popular animated series South Park took aim at Lizzo in a special episode titled “The End of Obesity.” The episode satirized the concept of body positivity and the recent hype surrounding the weight loss drug Ozempic. Lizzo was prominently featured throughout the episode, symbolizing an alternative to Ozempic called “Lizzo.” This fictional drug, portrayed as a state of mind, encourages individuals to embrace their body shape without the need for exercise or dietary changes.

The choice to target Lizzo in the episode stemmed from her outspoken advocacy for body positivity, juxtaposed with the allegations of hypocrisy behind closed doors. “Lizzo” in the show represents the pinnacle of body acceptance, yet the satire implies a disconnect between her public persona and private actions.


Despite being the subject of ridicule, Lizzo responded positively to the South Park episode. In a TikTok video reacting to the special, she expressed initial apprehension but ultimately embraced the satire, acknowledging the impact of her advocacy for self-love. Her upbeat response stood in contrast to previous struggles with depression exacerbated by the controversies surrounding her.

Lizzo’s journey through the highs and lows of public scrutiny underscores the complexities of fame and the importance of resilience in the face of criticism. As she navigates the challenges of her career, her ability to maintain a positive outlook serves as a testament to her strength and resilience.