Lizzo faces new lawsuit from designer alleging hostile work environment

Fashion designer accuses the rapper and her team of fostering bullying, harassment, and racial discrimination


Lizzo, the renowned rapper and singer, is facing another lawsuit, this time from fashion designer Asha Daniels. The lawsuit, filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges that Lizzo and members of her team allowed a hostile work environment, including bullying, harassment, and racial discrimination, to persist behind the scenes. The designer, who had created outfits for Lizzo’s dancers, contends that her experience working with the singer’s team was marred by harassment and intimidation.

Daniels specifically points to wardrobe manager Amanda Nomura, a key member of Lizzo’s team, accusing her of engaging in derogatory and stereotypical impressions of Black women. Furthermore, she states that Nomura referred to performers as ‘fat,’ ‘useless,’ and ‘dumb.’ Daniels also alleges that dancers were compelled to change in front of a white, male stage crew, subject to inappropriate behavior.

The breaking point for Daniels came when she raised concerns about Nomura’s behavior, resulting in her termination from the position. Responding to the lawsuit, Daniels’ lawyer, Ron Zambrano, highlighted Lizzo’s responsibility as the boss for the alleged workplace environment. On the other side, Lizzo’s spokesman, Stefan Friedman, dismissed the lawsuit as a “bogus, absurd publicity-stunt lawsuit” and contended that Daniels had never met or spoken with Lizzo. Friedman accused Daniels’ lawyer of attempting to tarnish Lizzo’s reputation, particularly as she was set to receive the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award from the Black Music Action Coalition.


This lawsuit comes in the wake of previous allegations made by three former dancers who accused Lizzo of sexual harassment and fostering a hostile work environment. All these legal matters are yet to go to court, and both parties continue to assert their positions.