Living for the Dead Official Trailer Breakdown!


Kristen Stewart, celebrated for her diverse roles, is about to unveil a groundbreaking addition to her repertoire—a docuseries perfectly timed for the spookiest holiday of the year. In this new venture, aptly named “Living for the Dead,” Stewart steps up her game, leading a team of intrepid paranormal investigators on a quest to unearth evidence of the afterlife in some of America’s most notorious haunted sites.

The recently released two-minute teaser for “Living for the Dead” provides a tantalizing glimpse into the series, showcasing its LGBTQ+ representation in all its glory. Stewart, who not only stars in the show but also serves as its executive producer and narrator, makes a powerful statement, proudly parading alongside a trans flag.

The series introduces us to the “Ghost Hunters,” a group of five LGBTQ+ paranormal investigators. Among them are Alex LeMay, referred to as the “tech expert” in the trailer, Juju Bae, known as the “witch,” Ken Boggle, a “tarot card reader,” Logan Taylor, a “psychic,” and Roz Hernandez, a “paranormal researcher.”


These spirited individuals, affectionately dubbed the “Ghost Hunties,” embark on ventures to famed haunted locations, pushing boundaries between the living and the departed. In a pivotal moment of the trailer, one of the team members articulates the show’s ethos: “We’re not just here to give voices to the ones who are no longer with us—we’re here to make the situations of people living it better.”

Taylor, one of the investigators, candidly shares, “I get to come out twice, for being gay and speaking to dead people.” This poignant revelation underscores the emotional depth that underpins the series. While “Living for the Dead” promises its fair share of spine-tingling moments, it balances these with campy humor and genuine camaraderie, setting it apart from more conventional entries in the genre.

The “Hunties” are poised to traverse eight episodes, venturing into haunted sites across America, including the eerie Clown Motel, the enigmatic Palomino in Nevada, and the foreboding Waverly Hills Sanatorium and Palace Theatre in Kentucky.

Kristen Stewart, serving as the program’s executive producer, exclaims, “It’s the gayest, funniest, most captivating queer ghost-hunting show ever.” This series, with its innovative blend of LGBTQ+ representation and supernatural intrigue, promises to carve out a unique space in the realm of paranormal entertainment.

And for those hungry for more LGBTQ+ representation in the realm of spectral investigations, Hulu is set to unveil “Living for the Dead” on October 18, 2023, just in time for Halloween. This promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the world of gay ghost-hunting media—a genre that can never have too many voices.