Liverpool Player Luis Diaz’s Parents Kidnapped in Colombia!


The parents of Colombian footballer Luis Diaz, who plays for Liverpool, were tragically kidnapped. Colombian authorities have reported that while Diaz’s mother, Cilenis Marulanda, was successfully rescued from the kidnappers in Barrancas, his father remains missing.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed the situation, stating that the search for Diaz’s father is ongoing. The attorney general’s office in Colombia has mobilized a specialized team comprising prosecutors, police, and military personnel to locate the missing individuals, gather facts, and apprehend those responsible for the kidnapping.

According to media sources, Luis Manuel Diaz and Cilenis Marulanda were abducted by armed individuals on motorcycles while at a service station. General William Salamanca, the director of Colombian police, has deployed intelligence agents and officers to handle the case.


Liverpool released a statement acknowledging the distressing situation involving Luis Diaz’s family in Colombia. They expressed their fervent hope for a safe resolution and affirmed that the player’s well-being remains their utmost priority.

Luis Diaz, who has represented Colombia 43 times, made a move to Liverpool from Porto last year. Due to the kidnapping of his parents, he was not included in the squad for Sunday’s Premier League match against Nottingham Forest.

Manager Juergen Klopp addressed the situation, expressing concern for Diaz and describing it as an unprecedented and distressing experience for the team. As of now, Diaz himself has not made any public statements regarding the incident. The entire football community, along with fans and well-wishers, anxiously awaits a positive outcome to this deeply concerning situation.