Live-Action Luffy and Usopp Recreate One Piece Anime’s Most Iconic Scene in New Adaptation


Recently, at Jump Festa, a significant event for manga and anime enthusiasts, the casts of both the anime and Netflix’s adaptation of “One Piece” participated in a captivating reenactment of one of the series’ most iconic scenes.

Iñaki Godoy, who portrays Luffy in the Netflix adaptation, and Jacob Gibson, the actor for Usopp, were revealed as special guests at the event. They joined their anime counterparts, Mayumi Tanaka (Luffy’s Japanese voice actor) and Akemi Okamura (Nami’s Japanese voice actor), on stage. Okamura, in character as Nami, performed her lines from the memorable Arlong arc, emotively delivering the scene where Nami stabs herself before pleading for Luffy’s assistance. As Tanaka and Godoy alternated lines, presenting their different takes on the character, the audience was treated to a captivating performance. The climax of the scene culminated with all the actors exclaiming pivotal lines, notably shouting “Atarimaeda!” and “Of course I will!” This poignant moment was enhanced further with Gibson joining the Japanese voice actors for the rest of the Straw Hat crew, signaling their unity to confront Arlong’s crew.

The reenactment of the “Help Me” scene resonated deeply with fans, underscoring the significance of this emotional moment in both the anime and live-action adaptations. Showrunner Matt Owens emphasized its importance, portraying not just the origin story of the crew’s formation but encapsulating the essence of ‘found family’ within “One Piece” Season 1. This powerful moment illustrated Luffy and the Straw Hats’ unwavering commitment to support Nami despite her past betrayal, solidifying their bond as a cohesive unit.


The scene is set to reappear in the upcoming One Piece remake, which focuses on adapting the “East Blue Saga.” Similar to the iconic reenactment at Jump Festa, this scene, originating from the heart of the series, is anticipated to be a defining moment in the remake. However, there are differing opinions among the anime staff regarding how faithfully the remake will honor the emotional depth, character portrayal, and soundtrack of its predecessor.

Meanwhile, the live-action series of One Piece is currently available for streaming on Netflix, while the anime continues to be accessible through Crunchyroll. The anime follows Monkey D. Luffy’s relentless pursuit of becoming the Pirate King, promising an adventurous journey filled with challenges and treasures in the pursuit of the legendary One Piece.