Lindsay Hubbard breaks silence over finding closure after ex-fiance broke up on the camera


Lindsay Hubbard was “completely blindsided” when her ex-fiancé, Carl Radke, broke up with her and called off their engagement on camera over the summer.

“He blew up my entire life. I was crying, I was angry and I had to find closure on my own. Now I’m at a place where I feel really good about moving on,” said the former publicist to Us Weekly in an interview.

She termed the split as “absolutely humiliating,” since in her mind, it was only a couple of arguments which led up to it.


She continued that every couple has normal arguments, but that does not mean to end things in a drastic way. She claimed that Radke’s tone and demeanor had changed over the last two weeks. “There was a lot of combativeness and aggression on his end, and I was very confused,” she claimed.

Adding fuel to the fire, Hubbard also did not appreciate Radke’s decision to film breakup for “Summer House” after cameras had stopped rolling a few weeks beforehand.

Hubbard said that it would have been much easier if her ex-fiance just did all this over a regular conversation during the normal filming schedule. She added that him setting up the cameras and manipulating her into sitting down with him, just so he could end things with her, seems “scary” to her.

Three months prior to their scheduled wedding, it was confirmed by Page Six, that the couple has called off their wedding.

Two weeks later, Hubbard broke her silence and claimed that she had no closure over why he took this decision.