Linda Yaccarino tries performing damage control post Elon Musk’s obscene suggestion to fleeing advertisers


Linda Yaccarino, the chief executive of X, formerly known as Twitter, reportedly sat stoned face as her boss Elon Musk insulted rather than courted the high-profile advertisers that have left his platform.

Musk said that sometimes he says things which he later regrets and also that the users will be angry if the platform does not survive, after advertisers including Apple, Walt Disney, and IBM ended their advertising campaign on X, in response to the platform’s owner’s post that enlightened antisemitism.

Yaccarino called his interview rather candid and wide-ranging with an “explicit point of view,” but noted that Musk had apologised. At the DealBook event, the self proclaimed “philosemitic” billionaire labelled his own post as “dumb” and something that amplified an antisemitism. However, he explained that was not what he was trying to indicate, as he was trying to make was that Jewish people in supporting immigration end funding people that seek to kill them.


The CEO also implied that the platform might not be active in combating hate speech as corporate advertisers would prefer. Her post also shared a link to Musk’s interview.