Lily-Rose Depp Opens Up About Her Sexuality!


Lily-Rose Depp, known for maintaining a guarded stance on her romantic life, has nonetheless found her dating history under public scrutiny. Despite the media attention and rumors linking her with several personalities like French rapper Yassine Stein, Austin Butler, Timothée Chalamet, and Ash Stymest, the actress has acknowledged only one relationship publicly. In May, Depp confirmed her romance with 070 Shake (Danielle Balbuena) by sharing a kissing photo on her Instagram Stories, celebrating their four-month anniversary.

Their relationship surfaced in public three months earlier when they appeared together at Paris Fashion Week, arm-in-arm, sparking speculation about their closeness. In a departure from her past discretion about dating, Depp has displayed affection for the musician on social media, notably calling Shake the “love of my life” in a June Instagram story and sharing intimate snapshots of them together on her profile feed in August, referring to Shake as her “prince charming.”

While their relationship has been embraced by the LGBTQ+ community, Shake refrains from subscribing to specific labels regarding her sexuality, stating, “I don’t really identify myself as queer or gay or anything. I just like girls,” during a 2018 interview with Pitchfork. Depp similarly eschews labels and previously participated in iO Tillett Wright’s “Self Evident Truths” project in 2015, a campaign featuring individuals not identifying entirely as straight. However, Depp clarified to Nylon in 2016 that she participated in the project to emphasize that sexuality need not be confined by labels or fixed definitions.


Depp’s intention to express the fluidity of sexuality was misunderstood by the public, leading to misconceptions about her sexual orientation. She emphasized the ever-changing nature of attraction and criticized the act of labeling, expressing that it felt restrictive and unreliable, as preferences might evolve over time. Despite public assumptions, her father, Johnny Depp, commended her for embracing her identity.

Navigating her life in the public eye, Lily-Rose Depp strives to reclaim control over her narrative. Growing up amidst constant media scrutiny due to her famous parents, she consciously avoids discussing personal relationships or family matters in interviews, resisting being defined by her connections to others. Despite acknowledging her relationship with 070 Shake through social media, Depp maintains a reserved stance publicly. Her guardedness stems from a childhood ingrained with the importance of privacy by her parents, emphasizing the value of keeping personal matters confidential.

For Depp, maintaining privacy outweighs the risks of being perceived as uninteresting or uneventful. She prioritizes guarding her personal life, prioritizing privacy over potential career gains, and remains steadfast in her resolve to control what she shares with the public.