Lily Gladstone’s Admiration for ‘Titanic’: How Her Allowance Became a Ticket to Her Favorite Movie


Before starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” Lily Gladstone reminisced about her enduring love for the iconic film “Titanic.” In an interview for People magazine, the 37-year-old actor fondly recalled her deep admiration for the movie, describing it as one of her early passions.

Gladstone revealed her heartfelt connection to “Titanic,” sharing how she used her allowance to pre-order the double VHS set of the film from Toys ‘R’ Us when she was younger. She vividly remembered the anticipation surrounding the movie’s release, including the excitement of going to Blockbuster and witnessing the frenzy among young women as they rushed to get their hands on the movie.

Despite her enthusiasm for “Titanic,” Gladstone clarified that her affection was primarily for the film itself and for Kate Winslet’s performance. She acknowledged Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of Jack Dawson as great, but humorously admitted that during her sixth-grade crushes, she would project her romantic interests onto the character of Jack Dawson rather than having an actual crush on DiCaprio himself.


Interestingly, “Titanic” wasn’t Gladstone’s initial introduction to Leonardo DiCaprio. She had been a fan of DiCaprio long before the blockbuster hit, citing “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” or “This Boy’s Life” as the films where she first admired his acting talent, appreciating his diverse range as an actor.

In an unexpected turn of events before working together on “Killers of the Flower Moon,” Gladstone found herself having dinner with DiCaprio. She had been immersing herself in DiCaprio and Scorsese films to prepare for their collaboration. The surreal moment occurred when she received a text from an unidentified number, purportedly from DiCaprio himself, inviting her over for dinner. Skeptical yet intrigued, she confirmed the authenticity of the invitation with the production team, which indeed verified its legitimacy.

Following the unexpected invitation, Gladstone ventured to DiCaprio’s residence, where they shared a meal prepared by his private chef. Later, they spent time conversing by the fire, delving into discussions about their childhoods, offering a unique and unexpected connection beyond their professional collaboration.