Leo Leads the Box Office Charts, Leaving Taylor Swift in the Dust!


Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” was never expected to surpass Taylor Swift’s dominance at the domestic box office. However, while Leonardo DiCaprio played a prominent role in his film, it was in a different project that he found global box office success.

Scorsese’s acclaimed drama performed admirably worldwide, earning an estimated $44 million across all markets, outshining Swift’s concert film, which accrued $42 million globally. Yet, neither of them can claim the title of the biggest box office hit. This honor goes to a Tamil-language action thriller, also featuring DiCaprio. The film made an astounding start both in its native India and internationally, raking in $48.5 million, establishing itself as the new reigning champion in the world of feature-length cinema.

In certain markets, the action thriller is alternatively known as “Leo: Bloody Sweet.” It stars local superstar Vijay as the titular hero, a seemingly mild-mannered cafe owner who unexpectedly becomes a town hero. However, his altruistic act sets off a chain of events connected to a past life he had tried to leave behind. The film not only marks the third installment in a cinematic universe but also loosely draws inspiration from a comic book adaptation.


“Leo” is the latest installment in the Lokesh Cinematic Universe and is heavily influenced by “A History of Violence.” This intriguing turn of events begs the question of what might have transpired if someone had informed Scorsese that a comic book movie, part of a larger universe, featuring a lead character named Leo, would ultimately prevent “Killers of the Flower Moon” from claiming the top spot in the global box office.