Lengthy Filming for ‘Gen V’: Behind-the-Scenes Insight Reveals One of the Best Scenes Took 7 Hours


The world of “The Boys” and its spin-off “Gen V” might initially strike viewers with its profanity, visceral scenes, and The Deep’s peculiar fascination with octopuses, but amidst the shock value, both shows contain deeply emotional moments delivered through exceptional performances. From Cameron Crovetti’s poignant portrayal of Ryan, heartbroken by Karl Urban’s Butcher, to Laz Alonso’s Mother’s Milk grappling with mental anguish caused by Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) during his childhood, these instances resonate with raw emotion.

In “Gen V,” the younger cast members continue this tradition of powerful acting, as highlighted in an interview with Lizze Broadway, who plays Emma, conducted by Collider’s Perri Nemiroff. Broadway discussed the intense filming process behind the emotionally charged final scene between her character and Asa Germann’s Sam.

Recapping the Season 1 finale, Emma and Sam find themselves at odds as chaos erupts on the campus due to Cate’s deadly mission against non-Supes. Amidst the turmoil, Emma and Sam share a heartfelt moment in the school’s theater after Sam nearly takes the life of Adam Bourke. However, their conversation takes a devastating turn when Sam retracts the kind words he initially expressed upon meeting Emma, deeply hurting her. This scene is particularly challenging, considering Emma’s efforts to aid Sam in escaping The Woods and evading Vought.


Broadway reflected on the extensive time spent filming the emotionally charged scene, noting they were on set for around seven hours, delving deep into the characters’ emotions. She described the experience as cathartic for both herself and Germann, signifying it as their last significant performance together. Their dedication to bringing depth to the characters of Sam and Emma was evident in their commitment during the lengthy shoot.

The future of Emma and Sam, like other characters in “Gen V,” was left hanging on a cliffhanger. Currently detained, along with other key characters, in a mysterious facility under Vought’s watch, their fate remains uncertain. Meanwhile, Sam and Cate find themselves hailed as heroes for their involvement in the Godolkin tragedy. With the show receiving a second season order, viewers can anticipate answers to lingering questions and the resolution of the characters’ storylines.