Lego Introduces Braille Bricks for Inclusive Learning and Play


Lego, renowned for its iconic toy bricks, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative by releasing Braille versions of its classic toy blocks for the general public. This marks the first time that these Braille bricks have been made available beyond specialized educational settings.

The innovative Braille bricks are designed to foster an inclusive and playful learning experience, allowing individuals, including those with varying degrees of sight impairment, to explore the Braille system. Lego’s aim is to enable curious minds of all ages to engage with Braille in a fun and family-oriented way at home.

Targeted at children aged 6 and above, these bricks are tailored to accommodate blind, partially-sighted, and sighted individuals alike. This approach underscores Lego’s commitment to creating an all-encompassing learning environment.


Lego’s Braille Bricks have previously been provided exclusively to organizations dedicated to the education of children with visual impairments. The positive response these bricks received within educational contexts has driven their expansion into the broader market. According to Rasmus Løgstrup, the Lego group lead designer for this project, the overwhelming demand for wider availability prompted the company to bring these unique learning tools to a larger audience.

The release of Braille bricks by Lego signifies a significant step forward in promoting accessible learning and play for individuals with diverse needs. By bridging gaps and fostering curiosity, Lego continues to showcase its commitment to innovation that has a positive impact on education and inclusivity.