LEGO Fortnite Enthusiast Constructs Stunning Star Wars Star Destroyer


In the new LEGO mode of Fortnite, an imaginative player revealed a meticulously crafted Star Destroyer from the Star Wars universe, drawing inspiration from official LEGO sets. This stunning replica has captured the admiration of several Fortnite players who were keen to understand the intricate construction process, prompting the player to offer detailed instructions.

Epic Games introduced Fortnite’s LEGO mode on December 7, presenting an engaging survival crafting experience that blends Fortnite’s building mechanics with the creativity inherent in LEGO’s iconic block system. Players in this mode are challenged to develop new skills that harmoniously merge the inventive potential of LEGO blocks with the survival elements of Fortnite. Constructing impressive structures has become one of the game’s most beloved features, encouraging creativity, experimentation, and collaboration among players, leading to the emergence of unique creations.

Progress photos of my accurate Lego Star Destroyer inspired from the official sets!
byu/cxt_bro inLEGOfortnite


A Reddit user known as cxt_bro shared progress images of their LEGO Fortnite creation – the Star Wars-themed Star Destroyer. Drawing inspiration from official LEGO sets, the meticulous design and striking resemblance to the iconic spacecraft earned admiration from fellow players. Responding to inquiries, cxt_bro elaborated on the step-by-step process, starting with a triangular outline and gradually adding roofs, progressing to intricate details. The builder noted the challenges faced during night cycles in LEGO Fortnite, making certain phases of construction more challenging.

Reactions from fellow gamers were filled with admiration, with comments such as “This is amazing,” “That’s fantastic,” and “You have an incredible talent; please continue.” Curiosity arose regarding the construction materials used and whether the Star Destroyer had a functional cockpit. In response, cxt_bro revealed that the build predominantly utilized roofs and long gray bricks. They also mentioned incorporating a detailed interior, providing enough space for a village within the ship. Clarifying about the cockpit, the builder explained that it was purely decorative, lacking the space for entry or control.

This impressive LEGO Star Destroyer pays homage to the capital ships featured in the extensive Star Wars lore, utilized by various factions like the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, First Order, and Sith Eternal. Its design resonates with any fan familiar with these large and powerful warships from the Star Wars universe.

LEGO Fortnite’s innovative survival crafting game encourages players to showcase their imaginative creations within the community. The Star Destroyer stands as a testament to the vast creative possibilities within this game mode, hinting at the potential emergence of more remarkable creations within the LEGO Fortnite community.