Lawman Bass Reeves: Unveiling the Reason Behind a Major Scene Cut from Trailers


It’s interesting to learn about the scene that was showcased in Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ trailer but ultimately didn’t make it into the actual series. The intense confrontation depicted in the trailer involving Jennie Reeves was intended for the series finale but was eventually omitted from the final cut.

According to showrunner Chad Feehan, the decision to exclude that particular scene was made as the story took a different direction for its conclusion. Instead of showcasing the standoff at Bass and Jennie’s home, the finale focused on Bass traveling to Texas to meet Esau Pierce and Jennie encountering Rachel Reeves.

Feehan explained that they opted for a more impactful and thematically resonant ending by revisiting the characters’ past experiences, akin to a metaphorical encounter with “ghosts of Christmas past,” which he believed was more fitting for the characters’ arcs.


Although the first season has concluded, Feehan expressed interest in exploring more of Bass Reeves’ life in a potential second season. He highlighted the depth of untold stories from Reeves’ later life, hinting that there’s ample material to further explore in another iteration of the series.

The shift in narrative focus and the potential for a continuation in a second season demonstrate the creative flexibility and richness of the character’s stories within Lawmen: Bass Reeves, making it an intriguing prospect for both existing fans and those interested in further exploration of the legendary lawman’s life.