Lauren Miller Rogen reveals undergoing surgery for brain aneurysm


Lauren Miller Rogen reveals that she underwent a surgery for a health scare last year.

The actress and comedian, 42, opened up during her speech at the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Visionary Ball in Beverly Hills, on Wednesday night, similar to her mother and grandmother, who both suffered from dementia, she too have had complications with her brain health.

Lauren, who is wife of Seth Rogen, said that she had a full body MRI five years ago, “to take a deeper look at anything that could possibly be lurking inside me that would affect my longevity,” and the doctors were able to find a potential problem.


The doctors found a “sort of aneurysm” in her head, which had made the actress worried, as she was aware of her family history and did not wish to follow in the foot-steps of her great-grandmother.

Fortunately, it was spotted during early stage and doctor suggested her annual MRIs to track its growth. It was during the spring of 2022 that they noticed that aneurysm is growing, she said.

She immediately contacted UCLA neurosurgeon Dr. Geoffrey Colby, who made her comfortable by answering all her questions. She eventually underwent surgery and had several follow-up appointments in order to make sure her brain remained healthy.