Kylie Jenner stuns in Acne Studios’ FW23 Denim Campaign

Fashion icon transforms into a grit-and-grime vision in latest photoshoot


Kylie Jenner, the reality TV star and beauty mogul, has taken the fashion world by storm with her unexpected transformation in Acne Studios’ FW23 Denim Campaign. In a departure from her glamorous lifestyle, the campaign captures Jenner in a grit-and-grime setting, showcasing the incredible versatility of classic denim ensembles.

Shot by the talented photographer Carlijn Jacobs, the campaign features a series of captivating photos that see Jenner donning muddy body paint, wet hair, and Acne Studios’ latest distressed denim styles for Fall/Winter 2023.

Denim holds a special place in Acne Studios’ heart, with Creative Director Jonny Johansson describing it as “an endlessly important material” that he loves reinventing every season. For this collection, Johansson embraced simplicity and celebrated the beauty of wear and tear.


Jenner effortlessly embodies the collection’s aesthetic, pairing an ultra-oversized, unisex ‘2023’ jacket with the timeless ‘2021’ mid-rise, wide-leg jeans. She also showcases the collection’s new accessories, including the distressed leather Multi-Pocket bag and seasonal eyewear.

The campaign’s first image features Jenner boldly wearing an oversized pair of jeans along with an equally slouchy denim jacket, embracing a daring look that challenges the notion that denim is only meant for casual wear.

With Kylie Jenner as its face, the campaign signals a denim revival in the fashion world. The faded double denim ensemble she flaunts is set to make a triumphant return as a prominent fashion trend. Her endorsement guarantees that this timeless fabric will regain its place at the forefront of fashion faster than ever.

Kylie Jenner’s collaboration with Acne Studios underscores that fashion has no boundaries. Whether gracing the red carpet or embracing the rugged appeal of double denim, style is all about confidence and expression. Prepare to dust off your old jeans; they might just become the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet.

Carlijn Jacobs, the campaign’s director, aimed to capture Jenner’s self-assuredness and self-love, embodying the concept of two Kylies. “The campaign sought to showcase Kylie as a woman who is in control, has a love for herself, and is unafraid to embrace her desires. I aimed to celebrate her individuality by doubling her. She loves herself and is not afraid to show it,” Jacobs explained in a statement from Acne Studios.

Kylie Jenner herself expressed her enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “This campaign is one of my favorites. I loved working with Carlijn, and I love the simplicity of the images; they have strength in their directness.”

Fashion enthusiasts can now explore the entirety of Acne Studios’ FW23 collection, available for purchase on Acne Studios’ webstore and in stores worldwide. The campaign images, a visual celebration of fashion’s bold evolution, can be viewed in the gallery above.