Kourtney Kardashian’s Halloween Decorations: Spooky Ghosts, Romantic Tattoos, and Disney Magic

The Kardashian star’s Halloween home décor showcases a touch of romance and Disney enchantment.


As Halloween approaches, Kourtney Kardashian Barker has given her Los Angeles home a magical and spooky transformation, embracing the spirit of the season. Known for her love of all things Disney and her recent marriage to rockstar Travis Barker, Kourtney has unveiled some unique and romantic Halloween decorations, capturing the essence of both her personality and her relationship.

The 44-year-old Kardashian star, who is currently expecting her fourth child, previously showcased her home’s Halloween-themed decorations earlier this month. However, in a recent Instagram Story, Kourtney revealed a delightful new addition to her festive décor: two ghostly apparitions adorning a table in her home.

The first ghost, with long fluttering eyelashes and a Mickey Mouse bow, is a spitting image of Kourtney herself, who is known for her avid love of Disney. The second ghost appears to be a tribute to her husband, Travis Barker. What makes this ghostly portrayal unique is the intricate tattoos etched all over its head, including one that reads “Kourtney.” In reality, Travis Barker sports multiple tattoos dedicated to his wife, including one on his chest with her name and another that represents her lips.


Kourtney’s earlier Halloween decorations were also a sight to behold. A black-and-white photo shared on her Instagram Story provided a glimpse of her hallway lined with white pumpkins. These pumpkins had initially been arranged in September as a surprise for her husband, who was set to go on tour during the first two weeks of October. Eager to infuse their home with Halloween vibes, Kourtney ensured her decorations were in place ahead of time.

Moving beyond the entrance, her dining area was transformed into a spooky and whimsical scene. The space was adorned with a family of skeletons, cobwebs, red roses, and other eerie decorations. It’s clear that Kourtney went all out to create a spine-tingling and captivating ambiance throughout her home.

Not only is Kourtney celebrating Halloween with flair, but she and Travis also recently celebrated the upcoming arrival of their baby boy with a vintage Disneyland-themed baby shower. Kourtney took to Instagram to share a delightful carousel of photos from the event, captioning it as the “baby shower of my dreams.” She expressed her gratitude to her mother, Kris Jenner, for hosting the event, which was her thirteenth grandchild’s celebration.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Halloween decorations not only reflect her love for Disney and her unique romance with Travis Barker but also signify her commitment to creating magical and unforgettable moments for her family and loved ones. As Halloween night draws near, it’s evident that the Barker residence is the perfect blend of enchantment and spookiness, providing a true Halloween experience for its occupants and visitors.