Kourtney Kardashian hospitalized, husband Travis Barker cancels concerts to be by her side

Kardashian sister’s health scare amid pregnancy brings concern and relief


Renowned Kardashian sister, Kourtney Kardashian, recently faced a severe health crisis that led to her hospitalization, sparking concerns among fans worldwide. The incident unfolded as Kourtney, 44, and her husband, Travis Barker, 47, were eagerly preparing to welcome their first child together, marking her fourth pregnancy. While Travis had to cancel his European tour dates due to the situation, there’s good news on the horizon for Kourtney’s health.

Fortunately, Kourtney Kardashian has returned home, where she is currently recuperating alongside her children. Her spirits have reportedly improved since Travis Barker rejoined her. According to a source quoted in The Sun, “Kourtney is back home now with her kids” and is “feeling better and happy to have Travis back home.”

The unexpected health crisis prompted Travis Barker, founder of the band Lemme, to postpone his European concert dates, citing family matters as the reason. This move naturally fueled speculation that Kourtney might be going into labor. However, subsequent reports dispelled those rumors when the couple was seen leaving a hospital in Los Angeles. Kourtney and Travis appeared visibly shaken as they left the hospital premises, with Travis wearing black attire, and Kourtney showcasing her baby bump in a laid-back gray outfit.


The couple is currently navigating a health concern that took them by surprise. However, their fans have rallied behind them, expressing their support and well-wishes. Kourtney’s pregnancy journey has been filled with excitement and anticipation. She creatively announced her pregnancy during one of Travis’ concerts, adding a unique touch to their growing family’s story. While speculation swirls about the impending arrival of their baby, the couple’s primary focus remains on Kourtney’s health and well-being.

Despite the brief health scare, Kourtney continues to radiate the glow of pregnancy, offering a glimpse of the happiness that awaits their growing family. As they navigate this challenging period together, their fans remain dedicated, sending positive thoughts and good vibes to the Kardashian-Barker household.