Konami addresses control scheme concerns for metal gear solid: The Master Collection Vol. 1


Konami’s unveiling of Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection Vol. 1 was met with anticipation and a few eyebrow-raising revelations. The collection, which features Metal Gear Solid 1 through 3 along with earlier 2D titles, stirred curiosity due to its inclusion of non-canon games, including one Kojima wasn’t part of and reportedly dislikes. Additionally, the PC version on Steam surprised fans with the absence of mouse and keyboard support, despite the existence of an older PC version of MGS with keyboard controls.

To address the concerns, Konami’s brand marketing director, Ben Kinney, offered insights during a press event. While not definitively committing to a change in the default control scheme, Kinney acknowledged the feedback and discussions surrounding the issue. He mentioned that the original gameplay experience was designed for controllers, and the current focus of the Master Collection team was on this aspect. However, Kinney hinted at the possibility of future consideration for mouse and keyboard support, possibly not for Volume 1 but down the line. He stressed the importance of maintaining a balance between the games’ mechanics and the potential for alternate control options.