Kirsty Gallacher: Unveiling the Turbulent Journey of Russell Brand’s Relative


Russell Brand has been candid about his battles with drug and sex addiction, and his journey towards recovery. He attributes his transformation to his wife, author Laura Gallacher, whom he married in 2017. As recently as June 2023, he expressed how fatherhood has given him a deeper understanding of love. However, in September 2023, a series of sexual assault allegations challenged Brand’s claims of personal growth, all of which he vehemently denies.

In response to the allegations, Laura promptly deactivated her Instagram account. Kirsty Gallacher, Laura’s sister and Brand’s sister-in-law, publicly supported him. Kirsty, who introduced Brand to Laura in 2007, shares a close bond with the comedian. She has spoken openly about how he provided vital support during her challenging times, including the breakdown of her marriage and an arrest. Kirsty emphasized Brand’s role as a valuable confidant and mentor in her life.

Kirsty Gallacher’s life took a troubling turn in 2017 when she was stopped by police in Eton, England for erratic driving. The breathalyzer test revealed she was nearly three times over the legal limit, leading to a DUI charge. She pleaded guilty and faced a two-year driving ban, along with 100 hours of community service. Kirsty’s representative emphasized that this incident was uncharacteristic, explaining that she had taken a taxi home the previous night and only drove the next morning to collect her children.


This DUI incident wasn’t the first time Kirsty’s reported drinking habits made headlines. In 2016, she was accused of appearing intoxicated on live TV after collapsing during an ad break. However, medical tests later confirmed she had no alcohol in her system, attributing the incident to a virus infection.

Kirsty Gallacher’s struggles were compounded by a series of traumatic events. In 2013, her father, professional golfer Bernard Gallacher, experienced multiple cardiac arrests. In 2014, her four-year marriage to rugby player Paul Sampson ended, adding emotional strain, especially given their shared responsibility for their young children. Overwhelmed with concern for her kids, Kirsty neglected her own well-being.

Rather than taking a step back, Kirsty joined “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2015, a decision she later admitted was a mistake. Juggling family, heartbreak, and a demanding job at Sky became too much to bear. She described herself as exhausted, fragile, and physically depleted. The cumulative pressure pushed her to a breaking point. Kirsty acknowledged that driving on that fateful morning was a grave error in judgment, completely out of character.

The DUI incident marked a turning point, representing rock bottom for Kirsty. Since then, she has focused on self-care, addressing her physical and mental health. This included a surprising decision to leave Sky Sports News in 2018 after two decades of service. Today, Kirsty has taken steps towards healing and a more balanced life.