Kirstie Alley’s Daughter Lillie: Embracing Adulthood with a Low-Key Lifestyle


Lillie Parker Graham, the daughter of late Emmy Award-winning actor Kirstie Alley, has led a life away from the spotlight, focusing on her family and a career in the design industry. Lillie shared a close bond with her mother Kirstie Alley and brother William True, both of whom praised Alley’s role as a loving and iconic mother after her passing in December 2022.

Lillie, who was previously in the public eye accompanying her mother to red-carpet events, has since carved her own path and embraced a life centered around family and design.

Lillie is a dedicated wife and mother to two children. She shares her life with her husband, Chaffee Burkhart Graham, and their two adorable kids. In 2021, Lillie and Chaffee welcomed their son, Ripp Woodrow Graham, into the world. Expressing her joy on Instagram, Lillie celebrated her son’s birth, thanking him for making her a mother.


In June 2023, Lillie shared a heartfelt post on Father’s Day, praising her husband as a hardworking father to Ripp. Furthermore, in October, the couple joyfully announced the birth of their daughter, Teddy Louise Graham, sharing their happiness about the newest addition to their family.

Before finding love with Chaffee, Lillie faced a heartbreaking loss when her fiancé, Nick Trela, passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2014. Lillie, who was deeply affected by the tragedy, was reportedly devastated by the loss of her first love.

Following the loss, Lillie found love again with Chaffee and has built a loving family, expressing gratitude and joy for her children and husband through heartfelt posts on social media.

Unlike her mother Kirstie Alley’s career in entertainment, Lillie pursued a career in the design industry. Teaming up with her husband Chaffee, Lillie co-founded a furniture line called Parker Burkhart. Their company specializes in crafting sustainable, high-quality wooden furniture, offering a range of products from tables to cabinets.

Lillie and Chaffee collaborate closely on their furniture designs, cherishing the creative process and emphasizing the importance of working together on shared aesthetics. Their furniture line has gained recognition and exposure, with their products featured in notable publications like Architectural Digest.

Ultimately, Lillie Parker Graham has found fulfillment in her family life and the design industry, steering away from the limelight while building a successful career alongside her husband.