King Charles breaks years long tradition as he address nation on Christmas


King Charles has given his Christmas message with a substantial update.

The King’s yearly broadcast, which airs on the Christmas Day in England serves as a tradition for the monarch, as well as it people since the 1930s.

And on Monday, the people will be witnessing a new twist in the tradition as the King will be standing next to a living tress for the very first time, marking his ongoing environmental efforts.


As per the Buckingham Palace, the tress is decorated with “natural and sustainable decorations,” which included hand-turned wood, pinecones, brown glass, died oranges, and paper.

The tree will be later replanted following King Charles’ second time manning the broadcast.

King Charles’ first Christmas address took place last year post the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth. In it, the royal reflected on the loss of his mother, spoke of her “lifelong wish” to visit Bethlehem and even referenced to his son Prince William and daughter-in-law Kate Middleton.